Technical requirements to participate in a Zoom meeting

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

The technical requirements for attending a Zoom meeting are:

  • An internet connection (both download and upload speed minimum 4 MB / sec.)
  • Recommended: An up to date Windows 10 or MacOS desktop / laptop.
    • Optional for students only: An up to date Android or Apple mobile device.
  • The free Zoom application.
      • Participating with a Participant role in Zoom meetings does not require signing into the application!
  • Headphones with microphone and a USB connector or a conference mic with USB connector.
      • Or be in a quiet place with no background noise.
  • A built-in webcam or a webcam with a USB connection (if you want to use a webcamera).

Test your webkamera, microphone and speakers with a Zoom test meeting. Once you have Downloaded and installed the Zoom application, visit a Zoom test meeting (

Test your internet connection at Choose any server in Dublin (where the Zoom server is located).

Example result:

Mobile devices

Not all Zoom features are supported in the mobile application. Find out which features are not supported here (

Web browsers

The Zoom web browser versions are not supported in Omnia.

Audio devices

In a Zoom meeting, you should use headphones with a USB connection on Windows and Mac devices, as connecting other headphones may cause difficulties for others trying to hear you. In addition, it is more difficult to identify the headset to select in Windows and Zoom settings.

If a Zoom meeting has multiple participants in the same physical space, you may want to use a conference microphone which teachers can book in advance from the Omnia Helpdesk.

If the connection is disconnecting / poor

  • Close the webcam unless it is mandatory to use.
  • Close any other unnecessary programs.
  • Ask other internet users in your home to stop using the Internet during an online meeting.
  • Move your device closer to the router.
  • Connect to the router using a wired connection.
  • Restart the router.
  • Try using another internet connection, e.g. mobile data (Any costs of using your mobile data connection are the responsibility of the participant!)