Self-enrolling onto a Moodle course that has self-enrolement activated

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

To proceed, you should have already received information with the following: 

  • The name of the course, a course code (e.g. E23…..) or a link to the course.
  • The Enrolement key. 

Self-enrolement only needs to be done once per course.  Afterwards, the course can be found on your Moodle dashboard (

Self-enrolment is a 3-step process:

  • Log in to Moodle. 
  • Go to the course’s self-enrolment page.
  • Self-enrol to the course. 

Log in to Moodle

If necessary, please read:

Go to the course’s self-enrolment page

If you have received a link to the course, click it to go to the course’s enrolement page. 

If you have the course name (e.g. E2…..): 

1. Write the course name in Moodle’s search bar.

2. Notice in the search results that any course with self-enrolment has a small key icon next to the name. Click the course name to reach the course’s enrolement page.

Self-enrol to the course

1. Write the enrolment key provide to you into the enrolement key field and click the Enrol me -button. 

You are now registered to the course. The course can be found on your Moodle dashboard (