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A comprehensive selection of instructions for using Omnia’s most commonly used applications and devices has been compiled for the web service.

The content of the site is the responsibility of the respective area’s responsible person(s). Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information on the site. The instructions prepared for the site are intended for internal use at Omnia, and we do not guarantee the functionality of external use of Omnia.When you navigate to linked pages, the terms of use and privacy policies of the respective site apply.

The web service is maintained by Omnia.

The site is built on the WordPress platform.

The usage rights of the images on the web service belong solely to Omnia. Images cannot be used in other contexts.


A cookie is a small text file temporarily stored on the user’s device when visiting a website. Almost all websites use cookies, and websites may not function properly without them. Cookies enable certain functions on the pages and remember the choices you make. Cookies can also be used to collect information about the usage of various web contents.

We only use necessary cookies.

Necessary cookies ensure that our website functions correctly from a technical perspective. We do not share them with external parties.

Web browsers and devices

The site is responsive, and the content scales according to the device. The appearance of the pages is best when using the latest browser versions.

Visitor tracking

We collect information about the use of the web service with Matomo visitor tracking to improve the user experience. Matomo does not store cookies on the user’s device.


The web service does not collect personally identifiable information subject to data protection.

Legal disclaimer

The administrators of the web service and the responsible content persons reserve the right to update, review, and change the content and appearance of the site. The web service administrators have the right to interrupt the provision of web pages without notice, for example, for maintenance, repair, or updating.

Our goal is to maintain the content of the web service as accurate and up-to-date. We pay attention to the reliability of the web service, but technical problems may still occur. It is important to note that Omnia is not responsible for any costs or damages that may arise due to errors or technical disruptions.


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