If you already have parent/guardian credentials for Omnia

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Please note, you can only create credentials and add roles through a web browser, not through the Wilma mobile app.

If you encounter any problems, please contact

1. Log in to Wilma via your web browser at
2. Select “User rights” under the Settings icon at the top.

3. Click “Add role”.

4. Select the relevant school where your dependant is studying and click “Next”.

5. Complete the authentication by clicking “To the identification”. You can identify yourself using your online banking credentials or mobile ID, for example.

6. Under the “I have…” heading, select guardian data available through Digital and Population Data Services Agency and click “Retrieve person.”

7. Select the child by clicking “Valitse” (Select). After this, click “Vahvista ja jatka asiointipalveluun” (Confirm and proceed to service).
8. Once you have returned to Wilma, you can add other dependants who are studying in the same institute, as necessary. If all the desired roles are shown under the Roles heading, click “Next”.

If you encounter any problems, please contact: