Setting up Moodle notification settings

Estimated reading: 1 minute

Moodle offers a range of notification settings, most of which are switched off by default so that you can decide which of them you would like switched on.

Notification types vary by your role in Moodle. If you are a teacher in moodle courses, you might see more notification types than students.

1. Click your profile image and the click Preferences

2. Click on Notification preferences

Notification settings are grouped by topic. When all the notification settings are on, the notification will most certainly arrive.

It is recommended to switch the whole row to ‘On’ when you want to be sure that type of notification will arrive.

‘Notify me via Moodle’s notification page’ means the notification will appear inside Moodle’s notification menu. The notification menu is found by clicking the notifications icon (a bell) in Moodle’s header.